About Us

Events Etcetera, based out of Omaha, Nebraska, is a full service event and wedding design studio, that has successfully grown our brand from event florist to full design. Being considered among the top event design companies in the region is a great honor and we strive to create the weddings and events of our client’s dreams and a great experience for their guests’. Events Etcetera believes this can only be done with the confidence we have in our team and a team is what it takes, floral designers, lighting company, rentals all working to make your idea a reality.

Tracy Diehl

Tracy-Diehl-Events-EtceteraThroughout my house are original works of art, paintings, pottery and even a bit of jewelry. None these are mine, I can’t draw a stick, no this talent went to my brother then my mother. But I love transforming a blank space to “wow” space (even if it’s for just an evening).

Originally trained in the travel industry, I spent 16 years behind a desk in front of a computer. Now I’m never in one spot for long and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yeah, I do still spend time in front of a computer, now it’s to bring the “We Do The Pretty” to life.



Liz-Crosson-Events-EtceteraLiz Crosson

Liz has always had a passion for design. Transforming a space into a beautiful wedding reception, corporate function or gala and seeing a bride when her bouquet is presented to her. She was inspired by growing up in California where her mom was an interior designer and dad a real estate broker. She graduated with a business degree but always loved design and art. She has been a floral designer in Omaha for 15 years and recently received her Interior Design degree and is now an Allied ASID member. She has worked with Tracy using that love of design for Events Etcetera for 11 years.